FLY Artist

Vitalii Bogak

IoIgor Ievenko

FLY Chord tone Single Note Chart (FLY Freebass System)

Arri Vals

Gymnopedies (Double Note chart)


Hotel California

Send me an Angle

FLY Chord tone Double Note Chart (FLY Chord System)

La Montee Des Bois De Vaux

O Sole Mio

Close to you


Over the Rainbow Variation

Stand by me Variation

Serenade (Schubert)

Ave Maria (Bach / Chales Gounod)

Rock Pattern Series 1

Rock Pattern Series 2 (Double Note chart)

Jazz Funk

Smooth Jazz (Double Note chart)

Blues LH Rhythm Accompaniment

Pop Series 1

Pop Series 2 (Double Note chart)

Brazillian Series 1

Brazillian Series 2 (Double Note chart)

Pop Dance Disco

Afro Cuban Comping

R n B Rhythm Pattern


Soul 60

Soul 70

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