FLY Fingerstyle, Invention of Accordion Chord System
Introduction of FLY Chord Tone System TM

For Digital Accordion
How many of Left hand bass System are there?

We have same perspective that there are only 2 main systems that are capable enough to perform all music styles.

FLY chord tone system (Left hand note chart invention)
will reveal new possibility of digital accordion performances that never happened before.

What is FLY system ?

What is FLY chord tone system?

Fundamental Chords (Double Note chart)

Chord tone Tablature

Chord tone Single note chart

Chord tone demonstration in Pop and Blues Style

Chord tone demonstration in Bossa and Rock Style

FLY system is new invention of Left hand note chart ; an adaptive concept for standard chord system. FLY system can create new performance or left hand Rhythm Patterns that have never happened before on Standard Chord System or Freebass System , Acoustic type or Digital type

FLY system has 2 main note charts

FLY Chord Tone Double Note Chart 120 Bass
( a new Chord System )
FLY Chord Tone Single Note Chart 120 Bass
( a new Freebass System)